$5 YOGA FOR NON-MEMBERS!  Cheapest drop-in rate in this area!  10 Class pass for only $45!


Class Times:

  • Thursday 7:15pm (4/10 & 4/17)
  • Wednesday 7:15pm (4/23 & 4/30)
  • (Will be switching to every Thursday at 7:15pm starting in May)
  • Saturdays 10:30am

Yoga asana is a wonderful compliment to the CrossFit experience! Through regular practice of asana, one can achieve increased flexibility, muscle strength, stamina and endurance. Not only does yoga affect the physical body but in its truest practice, it is a practice of the mind through deepening the inner awareness and understanding of the true nature of reality. Through deeper awareness, one can attain a more relaxed, peaceful, and clear mind. Yoga asana incorporates breath and movement as a way to engage and connect the body and mind in a focused and dynamic practice.

The class offered at CrossFit will be a mix of yoga styles but will primarily follow the Ashtanga series beginning with Sun Salutations to warm the body, standing and balancing postures increasing strength and focus, seated postures for increasing hip, shoulder, and spinal flexibility, arm balancing postures, core strengthening postures, and inversions including headstands and handstands. We will finish with a few restorative postures to deepen relaxation and meditation.

The class will be suitable for beginners and advanced and will flow with the pace of the attending students. Instruction will be given for proper technique and alignment for a safe and productive practice to provide health, wellness, peace of mind, and a fit body and mind for life !

See Schedule and Fees for additional details.

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